Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

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Ultrasonic sewing machine -

We are manufacturing and offering our customers a qualitative range of Ultrasonic sewing machine, ultrasonic lace sewing machine, ultrasonic fabric sewing machine that are fast and easily automated and find utility in tailoring of table cloth, sportswear, pillow covers, gowns, non-woven shopping bags with the help of different materials very easily.

Salient Feature -

  • Dual frequency machine and can efficiently work as per high/low power equipments
  • Built in LED display in order to process monitoring easily
  • Can be controlled independently for slitting and rotational anvil welding
  • In this Ultrasonic Sewing Machine edge guiding,rewinding, and feed rolls can be used
  • Can be handled and operated easily by operator
  • The process used by this ultrasonic sewing machine is fast sealing more than 500 feet per minute
  • It is very simple and its threads or other consumables are efficient and it is flexible
  • Ultrasonic Sewing Machine (Lace/Fabric)may be table mounted easily

There are many advantages with Ultrasonic Sewing Machine (Lace/Fabric) -

  • This Ultrasonic Sewing Machine is very fast, economical and strong
  • Other consumables are not required for its operations like staples or adhesives etc
  • Its result is very consistent from beginning to end of run
  • No Warm-up time,  or recovery time for this Ultrasonic Sewing Machine (Lace/Fabric)
  • Non contaminating and this machine eliminates toxic glue.
  • Its Edges are sealed with no stitch holes therefore they preventing penetration of harmful chemicals,
  • This Ultrasonic Sewing Machine (Lace/Fabric) offers flexibility and versatility

Why Prefer this Product -

  • This machine works with high speed and it is easy to install
  • Durable in nature and its stitching is accurate
  • It is highly effective and its maintenance cost is very low
  • Technically skilled professional involve in to manufacture this machine
  • We follow global quality standards in order to manufacture quality full products